This website is dedicated in loving memory to Walter Henson: a wonderful husband of Pauline Henson, a father of Doug, Hal and Liz Henson and a grandfather of Natalie, Rebecca, Alexandra and Bridget Henson.

It has been created out of respect for Walter Robert Henson.  It documents the basic facts known about his family history.  This is a subject that he was passionate about.  It is hoped that this website will help preserve this history for future generations.

Please feel free to browse around and don’t forget to leave a comment on our Guest Book page.  The material in this website should be thought of as in the public domain, although it is asked that none of this material be used for commercial purposes.

The site is designed to make full use of the branching capabilities of web pages.  There is one page per family member and there are links on each page to close family members.  Although this site provides a family tree, it is in fact the reverse of the usual tree that starts at a point back in time and spreads out.  This tree starts with Walter Henson and spreads out as it goes back in time.  Note that the spreading out through time also occurs with the family with his wife.

In general, the goal was to go back in time as far as the first settler was concerned.  For many branches of the family this was the 19th century.  Walter T Henson should be thought of as the first Henson in Canada.  However, in some cases the events such as the Wexford rebellion in Ireland form a useful historical backdrop.

As is the case with most family histories, the possibilities of errors are very real.  If and error is spotted feel free to point it out on the guest page.

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