Bertha Ann Merriman

Walter Henson’s mother was born July 23 1884 and died July 1969 in Hamilton, the daughter of Robert Merriman and Charlotte Greening. She trained as a nurse in Montreal and was working as a nurse when she first met Harold Gordon Henson. Their liaison continued in England during the first World War, where she volunteered as a nurse and he was an officer.  They were married in Canada on July 15, 1992 in Wentworth Ontario.

She is remembered as having a strong personality.  Her activities during the first world have attracted minor interest from some historians.  There is even reference to her

Bertha Henson Nurse 1st World War

A reference to Bertha Henson in a history book about the First World War

in a historical book on Canada in the First World War. She also had a part-time business on the side with Margaret Watkins Fonds in the late 1930s.  In spite of her medical training, she developed a strong interest in the Christian Science religion.  An amusing anecdote, showing the strength of personality occurred when a bird died in the backyard, and she sent the dead bird to the Royal Ontario Museum with a request for an autopsy.  However, she did get credit for the gift of two specimens.

During the Second World War she also volunteered as a nurse.  She was general very active in many ways.  She even received media recognition for her observations on the behavior of cardinals.

After Harold Gordon Henson died in the late 50s, she spent much time at a cabin in Picton Ontario. The cabin was built as a replica of how the pioneers really lived and was the subject of an article in a national magazine.

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