Harold Gordon Henson

Harold Gordon Henson was born in Winnipeg on January 1st 1891.  He was the son of Walter T Henson and Eliza. His sister, Edith Henson, was 9 years older than him. He received Anglican communion at 13.

Harold was born in Winnipeg while his father was working his way out west to Lethbridge.  He grew up in that town, and lived there at least until he was sixteen when the local newspaper reports him breaking a collar bone from Lethbridge Herald, April 19, 1906 page 6. He also received recognition for giving up a lock of his hair for charity. However, he did return to Winnipeg where he appears to be living with his uncle Aubrey during a census year where he attended St. Johns Highschool.  He worked his way further east to study architecture at McGill.

By virtue of this education he entered the army as an officer, when the First World War broke out.  During the war he met his wife Bertha Ann Merriman, whom he married on July 15, 1922.  After the war, he went to New York and practiced architecture for several years before he settled in Toronto.  His first major commission was a lumber mill, although he designed many homes around Ontario in a distinctive style that was consider avant garde at the time. When the depression broke out, he became a high school teacher, where he taught drafting.

He became a skilled artist as a hobby, and many of his sketches survived until this day.  He also collected stamps.  He assembled a old log cabin in Picton Ontario that he had purchased from somewhere in Northern Ontario, and used it as a summer cottage.  Later he completed a retirement home beside it.  He left Toronto and moved into the home, just after retirement.  Throughout his life, he kept the letters that he received from his celebrated Uncle, Herbert Hensley Henson.

He lived to see his first grandson born, but died soon afterward.

Photo galeries of Harold Gordon Henson:

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Harold Gordon Henson’s parents:  Walter T and Eliza Henson

1987 Walter T and Eliza Henson in their home in Lethbridge, AB

1987 Walter T and Eliza Henson in their home in Lethbridge, AB


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