Edith Henson

Edith Henson was the older sister of Harold Gordon Henson.  She was born in Toronto on August 3 1983 and headed West with Walter T Henson.  However, it appears that she graduated from primary school in Winnipeg in 1890, as she in mentioned in the Winnipeg Free Press, February 4 1890 Page 6.  You will see her in the list of graduates with her name bolded down the page.

Aunt Edith met Blair Ripley when he was boarding in the Lethbridge home after Walter T had died, and they subsequently married.  Uncle Blair was about 6 foot 4 and Edith was under 5 feet. Aunt Edith loved golf but had to have a set of clubs specially made for her and special pedals put on her car due to her shortness.  She was a member of the Thornhill Golf club. Uncle Blair was successfully employed in the CPR.  The did not have any children of their own, but they did raise four children of two brothers who were killed in the war.  Both of the wives had died subsequently, so they took on the responsibility.  One of the sons was very successful in the Canadian Air Force.

They returned to the west after retirement.  In fact, they left Toronto the day of his retirement.

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