Thomas Henson

Thomas Henson was born in 1812, the son of James Henson and Mary Gooding.  He grew up on the family farm in Morebath, but left for London as a teen.  He lived a long life which was initially prosperous allowing him to at 50.  However, he did live until 1896, and was bankrupt when he died. He was married to 4 different women, one of whom had 8 children (Martha died in 1870).  His other wife nicknamed, Carissima married him in 1873 and was a deposed German aristocrat, who was deposed by her own family after she was widowed.  She worked as a lady in waiting for the Royal Household before marrying Thomas Henson.  Although Thomas remained in England, he was the father to the original Hensons in Canada.  His life is described in the currently out of print autobiography of Herbert Hensley Henson.  A biography on the Oxford Web site offers a complimentary view.

Thomas Henson had seven children besides Walter T.  Herbert Hensley Henson was the most famous of them, however he was not the only one with a religious vocation, as there was a Reverend Earnest Henson.  There was also a G Aubrey Henson who came to Canada.  Not much is known of Marion, Frank, Emma and Arthur.

Thomas Henson was married to 4 different women, one of whom had 8 children (Martha died in 1870). He was born in 1812 and died 1896. His other wife Carrissima married him in 1873.

Walter T – Walter T Henson came to Canada about 1880.

Franklin Faulkner
Rev Earnest – born 1855
Emma – born 1859 died 1896
Arthur – 1865
Herbert – 1863 – 1947
Marion- 1864
G Aubrey -1865 – 1947

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