Oren Earl

Oren was the son of Hillard Earl and Irene Herbison.  He served in the first world war, and spent his career working for Corrections Canada.  He retired as the first warden of Joyceville penitentiary.  He and Recca Steacy had one child, Pauline Henson, wife of Walter.

The Earl family generally stayed around Kingston and Lansdowne county.  The picture below shows the family cohesion that exists in 1931, taken by an unknown photographer.  The four people on the bottom row are Irene Earl, Cousin Loree, Aunt Erma and Erma’s daughter Yvonne.  On the top row the first person on the right is unknown.  The next is a sister of Hillard Earl.  Aunt Mabel and Uncle Harold are next.  The man on the right is Ron Lemaitre, the husband of Irma.


Oren Earl Pauline Henson

1931 Earl Family get together

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