John Hilliard Earl

Son of William Earl.  He was born in 1867 and died 1942. He was married to Irene.  He had several children:

  • Chester – born 1894.  Lived on a portion of the family farm.
  • Elwood – born 1896.  Lived in Detroit most of his life and never married.
  • Oren – born 1897
  • Basil – born 1899.  Suffered from poor health for much of his life.  He lived with Forest with much of life.
  • Mabel – born 1900.  Married a life insurance salesperson Harold Dempster.
  • Erma – born 1904.  She was married with one child, and lived in Toronto.
  • Forest – born 1908.  Preserved the family farm.
Hilliard Earl Irene Herbison tombstone union cemetery rockfield Ontario

Tombstone of the Grandparents of Pauline Henson. It is in the Union Cemetery in Rockfield Ontario near Kingston. 

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