Evan Steacy

He was born in the US, the son of California Steacy.  He was the father of Recca Earl and Bessie Fraser.  His family situation was complex and both he and his wife had two partners.  His first wife, Elizabeth Scott, was the mother of Recca Earl.  His second wife, Letttie or Leticia was the mother of Bessie Fraser.  Leticia had been previously married and brought Grace Allen and Ford Allen into the family.

After Recca had been established in Kingston, Evan moved to Toronto with Bessie.  He did very well in Toronto real estate in the 1920s.  Bessie Fraser graduated from the University of Toronto, where she met Jack Fraser who became a successful farmer.

Evan died in the Kingston at the home of Recca and Oren Earl in 1939.  He had recently purchased a new car just before the war had started in Toronto, and had driven it to Kingston to show it off.  He died on the bed in the master bedroom.  Recca was so upset that she had all the furniture in that room replaced.

Evan had a twin brother Alexander who lived in London Ontario.  His grand-daughter Dorothy is still alive in Los Angeles and is in frequent communication with Pauline Henson.

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