Walter Henson

Walter Henson was born on February 6, 1926 in Toronto and died on April 14, 2012 in Winnipeg.  He was the son of Harold G Henson and Bertha Merriman.  He was married to Pauline Earl for most of his life.

Youth (1926-1944)

He grew up with in parents in Toronto in a comfortable home.  He attended the UTS private school where he received the best of educations.  As a young boy he studied music, which started his love of classical music.  During the war years, he would even assist in performances of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra.

University Years(1944-1950)

Walter first went to Queens to obtain his under-graduate degree in 1947. He then went to Yale. He then went to Yale. He was just young enough to avoid the draft, and only served in the armed forces on a reserve capacity. He graduated from Yale in 1950, with a PHD in biology after defending his dissertation in April 1950. He is the third from the left on the bottom.

1943 queens army camp

1943 queens army camp

Banff (1950-1954)

After graduation Walter did field research for the Canadian Federal government for a few years as a forest etymologist. The bulk of the time was spent in Banff Alberta where he developed a life-long love of mountain climbing. At this time he became engaged to Pauline Earl.

Yale (1954-1967)

Walter and Pauline moved to New Haven Connecticut where Walter began teaching at Yale University. He first son Hal was born in 1956, followed by Doug in 1959. His academic career was crowned with much success with his rapid rise to the ranks of full professorship and many noteworthy publications. He was listed in the in the Who’s Who of Science publications for many years as a result of his work during this period.


Upon returning to Canada, Walter put in a stint with the Ontario Government as a bureaucrat.  During his time he was associated with the development of the “Splake” breed of trout.

Winnipeg (1980-2012)

After a successful term as a bureaucrat Walter’s career entered its third major phase with a return to academia, but in a management position. Walter, Pauline and Liz moved to Winnipeg in 1980, where all three have remained ever since. They lived in a comfortable home in the south of Winnipeg until 2010, when they moved to the Parkway Lodge. Walter worker until he was 70 and passed on April 14, 2012 at the age of 86.

Obituaries for Walter Henson

Obituary for Walter Henson as it appeared in the Winnipeg Free Press newspaper

Obituary for Walter Henson as it appeared in the Queens University Alumni newsletter

Photo galeries of Walter Henson

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