Letters of Herbert Hensley Henson

Herbert Hensley Henson maintained on going dialogue with his nephew Harold Gordon Henson during the early part of 20th century.  As it was in those days when two people were separated by the Ocean the dialogue was by means of letters that took one or two weeks to arrive at their destination.  What is remarkable is the quality of writing.  It is clear that Herbert Hensley Henson was a master at a lost art.

These letters are made available to anyone for research purposes.  However, it would be greatly appreciated if they were not exploited commercially.  The copyright should be thought to remain with the Henson family.  To read the letter, simply click on the highlight words in the following text.

Herbert Hensley Henson shows compassion for soldiers returning from the War

Here in December 6 1919 compassion is shown for the veterans returning from the first World War.  It is interesting to note his ability to learn from history, as well as see reality through unbiased eyes.

Herbert Hensley Henson discusses student financial aid to nephew

In this letters he turns down repayment of a student load that he had given his nephew.  He also worries about the political situation when the letter was written in February 13, 1922.

Herbert Hensley Henson accepts Walter as Godson and discusses 1926 Coal Strike

In this letter of August 13, 1926 Herbert Hensley Henson accepted the role as Godfather to Walter Robert Henson, although with some reservations due to his advanced age and the physical distances that separates them.

Herbert Hensley Henson lobbies to preserve Old buildings

This letter of 1928_aug_11, he discusses some of the political aspects of the English prayer book.  He also tries to help raise money to restore medieval buildings during the recession.  He also directly refers to his godson Walter Henson.

Herbert Hensley Henson discusses moving within the church

This 1928_Aug_23 letter makes reference to his being 65, and its impact on movement within the church.

Herbert Hensley Henson poses for official painting

In this 1930_Jan_2, an almost mystical association is shown for the history surrounding his post in the Church of England.

Herbert Hensley Henson visits Windsor Castle

This letter is written in the royal letterhead. The paper is almost impossible to scan. It shows a first-hand intimacy with the British Royalty.

Herbert Hensley Henson displays compassion for the unemployed

In the depths of the depression, January 15 1933, Herbert Hensley Henson wrote this letter. One is struck by his compassion and ability to see the reality of the situation without bias or judgement.

Herbert Hensley Henson discusses hist Gifford lecture series

This letter of December 9, 1934 Herbert Hensley Henson discusses many theoretical issues.  The tone of the letter is more between academics than family members.

Herbert Hensley Henson gives his opinion on Populist American Religion

In this letter of January 07 1934 he gives his strong opinions on American populist religion, for whom he was full of contempt.

Herbert Hensley Henson gives his opinion on Unitarian Church

In this letter of September 09 1934 he associated the Unitarian Church with loose morals.

Herbert Hensley Henson Contemplates the Oncoming War

In this letter of 1937 Feb 14 he contemplates the onset of the war, and all the preparations that made it inevitable.

Herbert Hensley Henson Contemplates Retirement

He has just bought a retirement home, as discussed in the letter of 1938 Jan 9 .

Herbert Hensley Henson says that he will retire at 75

In this letter of Dec 10, 1939 his contemplation of retirement continues.

Herbert Hensley Henson says that he will retire at 80

This optimistic letter describes the will of the British people to win the war.  He also discusses his declaration to the Prime Minister that we will retire at 80.

Herbert Hensley Henson works on his autobiography

This fatalist letter discussed how the war has unified the English speaking people through sacrifice. Here there is also a discussion of the efforts to complete his autobiography before death.

Herbert Hensley Henson discusses his cataracts

In this letter of November 24, 1943 he discusses how cataracts are forcing give dictation to his secretary rather than write himself.

Herbert Hensley Henson discusses upcoming victory

In this letter he discusses the inevitable end of the war.

Herbert Hensley Henson two years before death

In this letter written two years before his death, Sept 24 1945 he shows a continued interest in worldly affairs in spite of his failing eyesight.

Telegram Announcing Death of Herbert Hensley Henson

Harold Gordon Henson received this Telegram the day after his death.


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